How to Print Time From Thin Air

By Mike Johnson

I hate to break it to you, but you have a fatal prognosis. If youíre a typical reader, you only have 30 years left to live.

Statistically, youíre 44.2 years old and have burned through 60% of your lifespan.

That leaves you just 11,000 days on this earth.


11,000 days minus 15 seconds. Minus 18 seconds. Minus 21 seconds.

Because your lifespan is melting right on this page, let me make this worthwhile. You canít afford to screw around.

You need more time.

So letís look at where youíre currently spending the most time.


Why? You need money.

Somewhere along the line they convinced you that trading time for money was a good idea.


60% of your time is now gone. What have you gotten for that trade? Go ahead and do the math, Iíll wait.

Now project those results into the future.

Exactly when will you reach financial and time freedom so youíre finally free to spend your remaining days as you want?

Uh huh. Thought so.

You need a new plan. You only have 11,000 days minus 55 seconds left.

You need to stop wasting time and realize you can BUY time, BORROW time and SAVE time at the same time youíre spending time exactly how you wish.

Passive income is your time machine. Passive income snatches back all the time youíre currently burning at work, preparing for work, commuting to work and worrying about work.

Saving and investing will never get you to passive income. Hereís the math that proves it: It's Now Impossible to Save/Invest Your Way to Retirement

You need passive income and you need it NOW. Youíre down to 11,000 days minus 135 seconds.

Youíre going to BUY this passive income. And you won't waste another second saving a down payment either. It takes less than you think. You likely have enough money right now.

There are millions of businesses and income properties for sale. Tens of thousands of them pencil out well enough to pay all their expenses, a large mortgage, a manager to run them and all your personal bills too. Buy one good business or property and you are done working a job or a schedule FOREVER.

You can buy these income streams with low-cost, fixed-rate money thatís provided by a bank or a seller. Your business or tenants make the mortgage payment for you. The manager runs the operation and you just manage the manager, which only takes about 5% of your time. You gain 100% financial freedom and 90% time freedom in one fell swoop.

So letís review.

You buy an asset that not only costs you nothing, it PAYS you to own it.

You donít have to repay the good-debt loan because others are doing it for you.

You donít have to run the operation because others are doing it for you.

You donít have to repay the time gained because you stole it from that putz who used to be you in that old life.

You just printed decades of time out of thin air.

Time for family. Time for travel. Time to putter. Time to learn. Time to do nothing at all.

Of course youíll have to leave your comfort zone to learn something new. You know, that same comfort zone that burned through decades of priceless time with little return?

But you donít have to leave it forever. Just an hour a day. Just an hour a day.

Just give yourself the first hour of your day for several months and youíll soon learn the techniques needed to find and buy that passive income stream that will free up decades of TIME.

11,000 days to be exact.

This isnít flashy. It isnít even very difficult. A few million people are already doing this. You donít need to build a DeLorean. You donít have to go back to the future to get your future back.

Just put your awareness on steroids and demand that your present moment orders up the future you demand. Visit to start your journey.

But hurry. Start right now. You only have 11,000 days minus 270 seconds left.


Mike Johnson made the journey from jobs to freelance writer to entrepreneur to passive income and early retirement. Today he teaches people how to skip right to passive income and early retirement at .

Once I learned how to BUY passive income, I stopped chasing the bucks and the bucks started chasing me!