What Happens When Your Spacesuit Breaks?

By Mike Johnson

Pete is a good man. Friendly. Funny. Frugal.

He just received a bad prognosis after an extended battle with cancer. They tell him time is short. Plan-your-departure short.

His spacesuit is busted.

As a friend, I watch this from the safety of not yet being in his situation. Iíve studied death and donít believe in it. I admit this is far easier when itís not personally fogging your own visor.

Iíve learned that the soul is eternal and the body is just the spacesuit we wear while traversing this foreign, primitive, physical, three-dimensional world. Itís a heavy, slow suit, with just five puny senses for navigation.

Over time, we start to believe the suit is who we really are. Which is as ridiculous as believing our pants are our legs.

Iíve concluded we are the being INSIDE the spacesuit.

To me, self-consciousness proves we are not some random, physical result of evolution. Imagination, love, emotion, guilt and introspection are all invisible, non-physical properties that reside inside our soul.

Remove the soul from a body and the body is no longer animated. Itís just a non-living physical substance.

Souls decide. Physical substance doesnít.

A soul can imagine water but a pencil must be lead.

Iíve invested thousands of hours researching this topic but I could still be wrong.

Like a space walk, I believe weíre always tethered to the mother ship. Intuition, dreams and uncommon genius all prove that there is a collective consciousness beyond the five senses. When weíre in this collective consciousness, we have super powers. We travel at the speed of thought. We know all knowledge. We instantly manifest any thought or desire. Weíre a piece of God. And we decided to expand all-that-is by temporarily descending into lower, slower, limited realms of three-dimensions for more impactful, physical experiences. This journey requires a spacesuit. So we slip into a body while itís in the womb.

Need a Hand Understanding the Universe?

If you picture a human hand as this collective consciousness, our sojourn on earth travels down a single finger to the nail. We live our days on earth from the fingernail location, still connected to the collective consciousness in the palm of the hand. The farther from the palm, the more we forget we have super powers. From this position, we look at other people, on other fingers, and they appear separate from us. Yet they too, are connected to the palm. No one is separate from anyone else or from the source. But we can believe we are.

As we explore this connection through meditation and study, we rise a bit higher in the finger, closer to collective consciousness, tapping into more of our natural powers like inspired ideas and expanded skills. Masters like Jesus were able to live in their spacesuit AND collective consciousness at the same time. They brought Godhood to manhood. Turning water into wine is a natural ability in collective consciousness. Instant healing is too.

Death is merely a transition, as Jesus proved. Even Jesus said, ďAll these things and greater, you can do too.Ē

Even more impressive, the definition of the word ďdeathĒ in the Aramaic language that Jesus actually spoke is, ďNot here, present elsewhere.Ē

The trouble with living in spacesuits is that the physicality seems so real. The senses bombard us with stimuli, making it easy to default our attention onto that feedback. Yet we control our attention. We can focus on whatever we choose. And we must for one good reason. Every thought creates. Like our powers in the collective consciousness, what we think here manifests. There is a just a time delay down here on earth. But we are creating with every thought. When we embrace a thought, we can speed the manifestation by amping it up with our focus and emotion and action. We can do this deliberately or we can do it accidentally by default. The Law of Attraction is real.

The Good News

Look at your life. You attracted and created it all. You are the God of your own life. If you are suffering, the good news is that you can now take active control of your creating and change it. The better news is that even if you donít take control, this is all temporary and youíll return safely to eternity and your super powers. Youíre free to return to earth again or not.

Our spacesuit was built to last forever. Itís our thoughts and actions that cause it to degrade. The spacesuit is built to repair itself. This is proven by the healing of cuts and the growth of new cells. Obviously, something else is overwhelming these natural healing systems when we get sick or ďdie.Ē That ďsomething elseĒ is the soul in the spacesuit. Perhaps we just subconsciously want to go home on a schedule that we determined before we arrived.

So Pete is safe. Pete is loved. Pete is part of the whole. Pete is only departing this location. Pete and I will meet again.

Yes, the transition can be as bad as we believe it to be, and most people believe it is bad. None of this eliminates the grief of departure. But it tempers it. Makes it tolerable. Proves itís temporary.

Itís ultimately good. Experiences gained. Character developed. Lessons learned. Elation and devastation, fun and failure. Mission accomplished. Life on earth may be the best game in the universe.

Time will tell. Weíll all make the transition and remember for ourselves.

But until then, Iíll still cry when Pete goes home.


Authorís note: Pete is a real person and a real friend. He passed a few days after I wrote this. This is only my construct of the universe as built from numerous sources. I donít insist that you make it yours. Iím not right and youíre not wrong. Use what works for you. Iím still searching and researching and evolving. I hope you are too. What I like about this topic is that it puts the typical troubles at work and home into their proper perspective. Life is far larger than we imagine and WE are every bit as large as Life.


Mike Johnson made the journey from jobs to freelance writer to entrepreneur to passive income and early retirement. Today he teaches people how to skip right to passive income and early retirement at WorldsBestWriter.com .

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