Testimonials From Ad Agencies

"We are thrilled with your article. It looks fabulous. I can't wait to see these officially in print. I can tell you we will be mounting your newsletters and hanging them in the office! If you need our comments for any other article in the future please call us anytime."
Cynthia Nelson
Public Relations Account Manager
RMR & Associates

"Mike, this looks most awesome. I am flattered to have such a story written about us. Thanks again, and we would like reprints of this when it comes out."
John Metzger
Metzger Associates

"Our client is absolutely thrilled with the piece you wrote for the Blue Chip Nomination. Thanks so much for your help!"
Jacylyn Diaz Syfu
Public Relations Systems Manager
RMR & Associates,Inc.

"Mike, this speech is excellent. Thank you for the hard work."
Matt Spencer
Director of Account Services
RMR & Associates, Inc.

"Hi Mike, I wanted to give you some feedback I just received from John at VetCentric. He thought your release was "phenomenal." He was extremely happy with it. He said he showed it to others in the office and they loved it too. Thank you very much for your help on this."
Bill Snethen
Account Executive
RMR & Associates

"Mike, you did a FANTASTIC job on this (executive speech)!! Thanks again for the quick turnaround and the great work!
Melissa Maslar
Senior Public Relations Account Manager
RMR & Associates

"Hi Mike - FYI...I had a very good conversation with the (client's) CEO and he said there were only minor edits on the award nomination (a few words here and there) - he was very, very impressed. In fact, as he's had mediocre experiences with PR firms in the past, he wants to go forward and explore other areas we can assist. I'll be meeting with him next Friday to discuss the business, his goals and how we can use various PR vehicles going forward. I want to thank you again for really delivering a great document which has opened the door to possibly more work.
Joel Sander Greenberg
Director, Public Relations
RMR & Associates

"You're wonderful :) Thanks again for such prompt service."
Crystal Birch
RMR & Associates

"I really liked your last piece -- all three pieces."
Kai Lamb
RMR & Associates, Inc."

"I have always found you such a pleasure to work with, Mike."
Whitney Detwiler
Public Relations Associate
RMR & Associates

"The client liked what you did. I like what you did because I've been having writer problems. To have a writer like you who needs very few edits is good."
Dennis Powell
Account Executive
RMR & Associates

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