Letters of Reference

Southland Corporation (now 7-Eleven, Inc.)

"I am pleased to take this opportunity to enthusiastically endorse Mike Johnson's qualifications for any position he may seek. Mike has worked directly for me during the past four years as a Market Manager for the Ft. Myers market of 7-Eleven Stores (50 stores). In that position, Mike had complete responsibility and accountability for all aspects of his entire market: sales, profits, marketing, human resources and accounting. His successes were many and he was considered one of the top Market Managers in the Southland Corporation.

"Although Mike's strengths are too numerous to list, I would like to mention a few. His leadership skills were exceptional and provided the catalyst for his success. He provided a very important contribution to the entire West Florida Division with his creativeness and unique, aggressive approach to problem solving. His communication skills, verbal and written, were unsurpassed. His presentations were always interesting, exciting and "to the point." He was constantly receiving compliments for his presentations.

"In summary, Mike Johnson will be sorely missed by the Southland Corporation. We hope that someday he will return to our organization where we know he will contribute significantly. In the meantime, we wish him great success with his future endeavors. I would be delighted to personally discuss Mike's many qualifications at any time."

John Harris, Division Manager, Southland Corporation

McDonald's Corporation

"I remember Mike Johnson as an idealistic and optimistic manager who truly ran as he did the work he loved. It is now, some thirteen years later that I am seeing that he is more IDEAL than IDEALISTIC. Mike's advice to his readers comes from thousands of first hand experiences he has had throughout his work life. Having shared some of that life with him, I know he is living the job life described in his book.

"Reread the words and stories often. They will both direct your thoughts and efforts in a direction that brings self esteem, pride and accomplishment in your work life and your family life. BE LIKE MIKE!"

Willis T. Smart, Home Office Director, McDonalds Corporation

KODI 1400 AM/KTAG 98 FM Radio

"I had the pleasure of hiring and working with Mr. Mike Johnson while he was employed at KODI-KTAG radio in Cody. As an employee I found him to be trustworthy, reliable and dependable. Mr. Johnson became one of the employees I found I could count on. He would always work the shifts he was scheduled for and came in to cover for others when they were unable to work their shifts. Mr. Johnson completed his work on time and with accuracy.

"I had many opportunities to observe Mr. Johnson in his dealings with the public. He was always polite and willing to help. I could count on him to do the right things the right way.

"Mr. Johnson worked for KODI-KTAG from February 1998 to May 1999 as a part-time evening disc jockey. From the very start he was one of the exceptional employees, he always put his best foot forward. Mr. Johnson is a very pleasant person to work with. I never heard him complain about his duties or the people he worked with.

"I see Mr. Johnson's performance as superior in whatever he does. I believe he is a great asset to any organization he joins. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Johnson for any position.

"If I could be of further assistance, please call me at (307)587-4100."

Tom Morrison, Program Director, KODI-KTAG Radio

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