Big Lives Cost Little Money

By Mike Johnson

It doesn't take money to build wealth.

It takes imagination, knowledge, courage and action.

We've started multiple businesses with less than $2,000. One with $1,000. One with a credit card. One with $50. One with $0.

A good idea, combined with a good presentation and passion can take you anywhere you want to go.

We started a community newspaper with no money. We made a rough mock-up of what the paper would look like, invented "ad packages" and sold one we'd arbitrarily valued at $4,000 for $1,000 if customers paid cash right now. We sold eight of those packages and used the money to buy the equipment needed to publish.

We started a trolley tour company with $2,000, a great business plan and $12,000 worth of advertising commitments sold to local businesses who'd pay once we got the trolley. We got the loan, bought a used trolley and off to the races.

Our credit card once bought a $45,000 office/warehouse income property negotiated down to $25,000, using seller financing, needing just $2,500 down charged to the card. The property's income quickly paid back the card, covered the monthly mortgage payment and generated positive cash flow.

Imagination. Knowledge. Courage. Action.

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