The Knowledge Scale

By Mike Johnson

There is a scale of knowledge on any topic from A to Z. The farther you immerse yourself in the topic, the deeper into the scale you move.

Most people stay on A, B, or C on most topics.

Once you get to K, L or M, you start sounding strange to people earlier in the scale. Get deeper than M on the knowledge scale and you look like a Total Whacko to people still dabbling on A, B or C.

People will ask you for the fruit of your knowledge, but they won't be able to believe it because they haven't made the same stair-step knowledge/experience journey.

Some will politely nod and secretly think you're nuts. Others will openly attack your comments as crazy-talk.

So the more you learn on a topic, the fewer people there are to converse about it.

You learn it's an individual journey.

We're all on separate, individual journeys, traveling together, toward the same destination.


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