The Knowledge Scale

Photo attributed to M. Peterka

By Mike Johnson

There is a scale of knowledge on any topic from A to Z. The farther you immerse yourself in the topic, the deeper into the scale you move.

Most people stay on A or B on most topics.

Once you get to K or L, you start sounding strange or wacko to people still on A or B.

Mainstream media & authority NEVER takes you deeper than A or B. And what they do present is severely biased or inaccurate or draws the wrong conclusion due to omission of something critical.

If you are deep in the knowledge scale on a topic, people stuck on A or B may ask you for the fruit of your knowledge. But they won't be able to believe it because they haven't made the same independent stair-step research/knowledge/experience journey as you.

Some will politely nod & secretly think you're nuts. Others will openly attack your comments as crazy-talk.

They still trust the mainstream media & authority. This is only possible because they only know what they were told & most everything they were told is wrong. They are so lost that they do not even know that what they're told is wrong.

This is the normal state of affairs when you get your information from mainstream media & authority.

So the more you learn on a topic, the fewer people there are to converse about it.

Those who self-research, learn that knowledge & awareness & discernment are an individual journey.

We're all on separate, individual journeys, traveling together, toward the same destination.

Some are just going to suffer far more pain & destitution than others.

Those docile & unaware minds stuck on A or B will not wake up to deeper knowledge until their very lives depend upon it. The universe is now putting them in that very position.


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