The Divine Matrix

By Mike Johnson

I never questioned the reality of time and space. Consequently, it appears it took decades and millions of miles to achieve my dreams.

This may be wrong.

Today, I'm tinkering with the idea that everything is right here and everything is right now. There is no time delay. There is no past or future. There is no distance to travel. There is only my consciousness and how I direct it.

If a quantum particle can be in two places at the same time, why can't I?

If a photon can instantly communicate with its twin hundreds of miles away with no time elapse and no distance traveled, why can't I?

What if "your life" is just a matter of selection rather than effort?

What if the language required to make this selection is emotional energy wrapped in belief?

What if we get whatever we predominately feel and believe?

What if every possibility for every situation already exists and all we need do to make the best possibility our "reality" is to deeply feel and imagine we already have it?

What if we live in a "Divine Matrix" that makes these seeming miracles reality if we only start using the right language to summon them?

If you suspect there is more to life than being a cog in someone else's wheel, you might enjoy this book.


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