Feed Your Dreams

By Mike Johnson

I never tire of feeding wild deer.

We're two different species, communicating without words, ignoring norms of the herd, taking a risk to embrace something enjoyable for us both.

In our own back yard.

There are many ways to live.

I always dreamed of a log cabin in the Wyoming mountains. Blessed and motivated, darn if we didn't manifest it. But the deer were a magic bonus.

This life would be impossible if we were chained to work schedules and must-be-there jobs. Before we could manifest this life, we had to create a life style that supported it.

We've enjoyed passive income for so long that we sometimes forget that passive income was the first requirement of moving so far from town and high up the mountain. Until we were free of income chains, we were not free to chase our biggest dreams.

"We" is a reminder that a good spouse, traveling in the same direction, can multiply external achievement.

Yet, inner growth is always an individual journey.

Neither journey was easy.

A case can be made to trade an easier journey for a lesser dream.

Or spend similar energy developing the inner strength to proactively experience joy right where you are, without the external quests for more.

Seven billion people will do it seven billion ways.

I hope you find the perfect path for you.


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