The Destination is Enough

By Mike Johnson

If I could put into words what this feels like, we'd need a bigger mountain to hold everyone.

The time is going to pass. You're going to abuse yourself with work. Why not have a sparkly dream to make it all worthwhile?

Most advice-givers are still on some journey. Few write from a destination. That's the inspiration we need.

The chase can seem so difficult and so elusive. Two steps forward, one step back. Another wall to climb. Another person to convince. Another stretch-goal to achieve.

We spend most of our time and energy on becoming. So little spent on being.

I'm not ashamed to say I'm done chasing. I'm satisfied with enough.

Of course I'll always tinker and explore and learn something new. But I'm done chasing.

The journey was difficult but thanks to arrival at dreams, the journey was worth it. I'm here and it makes my heart sing and that's enough.

I only hope it's the same for you when you reach your destination.


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