New Year or New Decision?

By Mike Johnson

4am is my favorite time of the day. No people. No phones. No noise.

Of course I've built my life so it always seems like 4am, but still. The darkness wraps me in the comfort of the real thing.

This is doubly true on January 1. No chance the partiers, drinkers, hobnobbers & social butterflies are up at this hour. I'm none of those things.

Today's 4am is the most devoid of activity in the entire year. Not that I feel it. I live in the least-populated state, 25 miles from the closest town, several winding miles off the closest paved road & 1,000 feet higher. Past a smattering of heavily-armed neighbors. Nobody's stumbling onto my property by accident.

As I write this, I realize my body language reveals my thoughts about humanity.

I can take them on an individual basis but not in crowds. Which is pretty much how I offer advice.

Stop trying to change the world & change yourself instead. As you get better, your world looks better. As a bonus, you'll enjoy your own company, in your own Fortress of Solitude.

I know others think like this & wish for the same. So I send these postcards from the destination, to help you see what can be.

I'm not going to say 2024 is your year. You don't need a year.

You only need an instant. Make a decision.

One decision changes your life.


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