The Inversion

By Mike Johnson

You're not looking at a snowy meadow. You're looking down on the clouds which are hiding a valley.

These inversions occur when a layer of warm air covers colder air in the valley. They're only visible from higher elevations.

Likewise, higher consciousness sees what lower consciousness cannot.

As you rise in consciousness, you easily see approaching "weather" far before it reaches you. Events that pound people in the valley have no affect on you.

People in the valley have no conception of what you see. They don't realize there is another reality that isn't constantly pounding them.

This is why fighting adversity and drama doesn't work. It only exists at lower levels. Fighting it keeps you at its level.

You escape adversity by rising in consciousness. You rise to higher levels of awareness where adversity and drama don't exist.

This is an inward journey that must be experienced before it's understood.

Let the valley keep its troubles. You don't have to live there.


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