The Gatekeeper

By Mike Johnson

What you know, is where you'll go.
If your map is wrong, you'll struggle lifelong.
Your mind needs a gatekeeper, not a sleeper.

With garbage in, garbage out, you'll never sprout.

But who's trusty? That news babe who's rather busty?
That professor who's musty? The doctor who's become robusty?

Open your eyes. Conventional wisdom isn't very wise.
That status quo just doesn't want anyone to grow.

"Authority" is about control, that & flapping their blowhole.
Here's a shock -- they lie when they talk.

If you buy the lie, you see him as your guy.
If you do not -- you tell all that he don't know squat.

Either way you assist, as an ignorance evangelist.
With garbage in, garbage out, you'll never breakout.

Better to erase your brain, then let it fill with inane.
Discernment is the real trouble, deep inside your bubble.

The unawarest people on earth, provide the most mirth.
The lies they bought, has them caught.
All they do & say is wrong, but they won't stop singing that awful song.

All you are & all you'll be, is what you allow on your brain's marquee.

Even more, we all can see, if your gatekeeper was absentee.

So how do you erase the crazy when you've been mentally lazy?

Study the folks who ignore those jokes.
They blazed their own trail to create their own ale.

They ignored the propaganda, & discovered hidden memoranda.
They know what to besmirch, because they did their own research.

But how do you know who's real & not just some fabricated deal?

The only truth without blemish:

By Their Fruits You Shall Know Themish.


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