Ten Best Investments I Ever Made

By Mike Johnson

The Ten Best Investments I Ever Made:

1. A library card. (Free)

2. Blue jeans. (Comfort enables peace of mind)

3. Baseball. (As skill grows, self-worth grows)

4. A bumpy childhood. (Getting what you don't want propels you toward what you DO want)

5. A dog. (They teach you how to love)

6. A cat. (Far less demanding)

7. Paper routes. (Responsibility forces self-discipline, earned money equals freedom)

8. Writing. (It clarifies thought and sharpens your mind)

9. Girls. (It does the opposite)

10. Crappy jobs (See #4)

I could list 100 more but you get the idea. Everything I've created in life worked off the base of things I'd experienced before age 20. I bet it's the same for you.

Fate, karma, destiny, grace and random chance hurled a slapdash chunk of clay against the wall and I am what stuck.

Work of art or Silly Putty? (In his best Forrest Gump) "Maybe both are happening at the same time."

You can only start over from where you are. But it's a wise investment to look back in memory. Today's larger perspective just might recognize some hidden value in childhood learnings.

Those are the kind of things you can really build upon.


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