Hit By a Tornado

By Mike Johnson

Focus has power.

In 2012, a small tornado hit our hobby farm & ripped off the granary roof. The roof flew 30 feet high, smashing into a tree outside our bedroom window. A loose 2x4 punctured the house like a dart.

A harmless board, intensified by extreme focus, became a missile capable of blasting through walls.

The same power exists inside our mind. What we focus upon expands. What we ignore shrinks. How we use this focus determines the quality of our life.

Our focus is a great slave but a horrible master. It works both ways. Focus on good and we feel great. Focus on bad and we feel miserable.

The quality of our life is too important to leave this focus on auto-pilot.

The good news is that with practice, we can harness our focus to achieve uncommon results.

All it takes is awareness. Vigilant, constant, awareness.

Want to know how you're doing?

Look at your life. Your aware and unaware focus created it all.


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