Shush Your Mind

By Mike Johnson

Seven billion people, 7 billion different realities.

Finding people who "get you" is difficult. There are just too many variables. Especially when you haven't put in the time to "get" yourself.

But once you do that, you don't need anyone else. You still enjoy others, but you don't need them.

Big difference.

Their drama doesn't become your drama. Their emergencies aren't your emergencies. Their bad moods don't sour yours.

When we're mentally whole & aware inside, our inner peace is invulnerable to the actions of others.

When faced with mental dis-ease, those unaware of this concept instinctively try to change the outer situation.

Change jobs. Change spouses. Change laws. They think if they can eliminate the outer bad, they'll feel good again.

Sometimes this works -- just long enough for the next "bad" to wreck their peace.

"Fixing" the outer never ends. The world never stops throwing situations at us.

The more empowering solution is to strengthen our inner world -- how we process what we encounter outside our minds.

Send your mind to the gym instead of your body.

The hell with your abs. Shape & strengthen your blabs.

Controlling, directing & silencing your inner blabbering is the pathway to lasting inner peace.

Don't shush the world. Shush your mind.


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