Get Rich By Sharing Love

By Mike Johnson

Great ideas are everywhere. The best ones generate value for everyone they touch.

You don't have to create these ideas, just love them & then share that love. You can make a nice living by curating others' creations.

I've always been a sucker for roadside tourist attractions. Large or small, I enjoy them all.

Here I'm at Madurodam, a ten-acre, miniature version of the top highlights in The Netherlands. Near Amsterdam, it showcases miniature cities, airports, waterways, railroads, amusement parks & much more. It curates the best of an entire country, in one location, in miniature. It's an astonishing creation that scores a perfect 100 on the cool scale.

So in 1996, when we moved to Cody, Wyoming -- a town fed by tourism, just 50 miles from Yellowstone -- I happily dove into all their tourist attractions. A few years later, we realized the town needed a city tour. We started a 60-minute trolley tour business, spotlighting the best Cody attractions & interesting history.

We curated others' attractions & stories, wrapping them into our own fun presentation, becoming one of Cody's top attractions ourselves. Everyone benefited, including the other roadside attractions we spotlighted & promoted.

Look around. What topics do you love? How can you curate & promote those topics for others? How might you improve the experience for everyone while earning a profit for yourself?


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