Manifest a Shoe or a Showroom

By Mike Johnson

Can you inspire yourself? Just imagine a better future.

Like a memorable vacation, your future is merely a worthy destination.

"Time" is the length of the journey. The "itinerary" is just the map of actions needed to arrive.

You already do this. Look at your shoes. One day those shoes were still sitting in some store.

You had a desire. You imagined the solution. You drove to the store. You searched for a match to your desire. You made a decision, took action and made an exchange to attain the desire.

The shoes are on your feet.

What was once a future desire is now a present reality. You manifested shoes. Your thought became a physical thing.

The recipe is the same for any life you can imagine. You're worthy of the desire. You just have to travel the journey required to bring the desire to the destination.

Like any journey, there are many routes to get there. Because time is finite and precious, we want to get there as fast and efficient as possible.

So we study people who have already made the journey, using their map as a guideline for ourselves.

After 50+ years of serious manifesting, I've learned a few critical shortcuts. I share a few great ones here: The Case For Living Tomorrows Today


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