100% Independent or 100% Dependent?

By Mike Johnson

No one is 100% independent. But many are 100% dependent.

Where you fall in this scale determines the quality of your life.

There is an inner scale & an outer scale.

Are your inner thoughts & beliefs your own, or somebody else's?

Are your outer actions your own or somebody else's?

Independence occurs one individual at a time. One aspect of your life at a time.

The ideal way to create this freedom is to start inside. What you value. What you'll accept. What you believe. What you question. What thoughts you decide to fixate upon.

Few ever do this. Most people just accept the reality they're presented. They're automatons masquerading as human beings. They're oblivious to the societal mold they were poured into.

Then, thinking they know best, annoyingly demand others contort themselves into that same shape. "For the good of the world."

Until you are living the independent life you imagine, you have no right to tell others how to live.

In fact, you NEVER have that right. But at least with a successful journey toward inner & outer independence, you are qualified to offer advice to those who ask.

Personal independence doesn't just happen.

It doesn't come from listening to dependent people.

It's earned via awareness and effort.


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