The Big Mac Index

By Mike Johnson

The Big Mac Index proves the USA has been in a 10-year Great Depression.

It's a simple con.

It's not the amount of money in your pocket, it's what that money will BUY.

When the unit of measure (the US Dollar) continually melts in purchasing power, statistics that look good on the surface, look horrible with deeper study.

The simple math required to figure this out has always existed.

The trouble is that only 5% of Americans use it. The other 95% listen to mainstream media who are propagating the con. Unfortunately, 95% of that 95% will never listen to people like me because they still trust "authority."

The failure to think for themselves has a cost and that cost is a slow glide to financial destitution, followed by a sudden plummet. Worse, the collapse will be blamed on something or someone else, and they'll believe that story too, going to their grave defending the people who stole them blind.

The Big Mac Index article is linked here: Big Mac Index

This is serious stuff. As a caring human being, I suggest you read it.


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