Quick Sales Increase: Neighborhood Walk

By Mike Johnson

Own a store or restaurant?

Want a quick 5% sales increase? Perform a Neighborhood Walk.

We did these at 7-Eleven & every store gained an instant sales bump.

You map out an area around your location that holds at least 200 residences. You create a flyer with a photo of the manager introducing themselves & inviting the neighbor to visit the store. You list the benefits the neighbor will gain by coming by. You create a free coupon for something simple but valuable. Free coffee. Free sandwich. Free dessert.

Order 200 door-hanging bags to insert the materials.

If your business has a brochure, place it in the bag. If you’re hiring, add a job application.

Now send your manager out in uniform, during warm weather, on a Saturday morning, to knock on 200 doors.

The pitch is simple. “Hi, I’m ____________. I manage the ____________ just down the street and want to say hello and invite you to come by. Here is some free information & free coupon for ____. ” Hand them the bag and off to the next.

If they seem friendly, say "You look familiar, have I seen you at the store before?" Now collect feedback & build rapport.

If no one is home, hang the bag on the door.

Managers will hate the idea when you present it. But they’ll be overflowing with positive stories when they return.


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