Are You Brave Enough to Ask?

By Mike Johnson

Is life a hologram? Are we alone in the universe? Who created us? Who am I? Did we really go to the moon? Is saving money smart? Are vaccines poison? Is history rewritten by those in charge?

The boundaries of our knowledge are defined by the questions we're brave enough to ponder.

When you find yourself ridiculing a question, you've hit a boundary. You've decided you know everything concerning that topic.

Whoops. You don't. Not even close.

Worse, you don't even remember who told you what you "know," let alone what makes them the pristine, omnipotent oracle of wisdom.

Just because the public believes something doesn't make it true.

Conventional wisdom does more to keep people in bondage than any chains ever did.

Every major advance in humanity started by someone brave enough to question the status quo, then follow that research journey to new answers.

You don't have to invent refrigeration or warp drive to benefit billions.

You just have to invent a better life for YOU.

This journey starts by bravely asking questions.


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