You Did That

By Mike Johnson

If your life sucks, you did that.

If it's great, you did that.

If you want change, you can do that.

Nothing stays the same because our thoughts never stop. And our thoughts create.


Of course, they are not "our" thoughts until we embrace them. If we stay aware and detached, they float right by and never manifest.

But if you want to manifest, embrace a thought, believe it, imagine it playing out, heat it with emotion and see it already manifest.

Most people remain mentally unaware, create by default, using the above recipe without realizing it, and create something they don't want.

The aware use the recipe to create something they DO want. Purposely.


When the aware look at your life, they see what you've been thinking. If that bothers you, start paying attention to the thoughts you're embracing.

When you find yourself in a hole, the first step to getting out is to stop digging.


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