What Are You For?

By Mike Johnson

Because I am for freedom, peace & inspiration, I reject much.

I reject jobs. Bosses. Costumes. Commutes. Work schedules. Personal debt. Taxes. Insanity disguised as "normalcy." Government. Busybodies trying to force others.

I reject smoking. Alcohol. Drugs. Late nights. Complicated social activities. Busyness. Cities. Drama. Conflict. War. "Social warriors."

I reject TV news. Violent, horror & profane movies. Difficult people. The status quo. Conventional wisdom. Large organizations.

For me, life is a process of gaining more freedom, more peace & more inspiration. And of course, figuring out who I am, why I'm here & the truth behind this miraculous universe.

I know this -- I'm not here to fix the world, the world is here to nudge me to fix myself. I also know that you're not here to fix me. You're here to fix you. Focus on that & everything else falls into place.

The only thing worse than unawareness & ignorance is loud unawareness & ignorance, using force.

Most people will do anything to avoid turning off the noise to just sit with themselves & THINK. I'll do anything to avoid the noise. This is why I live 25 miles from the closest town, in the least-populated state, surrounded by miraculous nature.

This was my journey. Yours will be different.

Enjoy the trip.


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