Their Diabolical Plan

By Mike Johnson

No matter how crazy the world looks "out there," you can remain in control "in here."

The world is just the frame. You're the masterpiece.

The contrast of experiencing what you don't want, is doing you the favor of nudging you toward what you do want.

Group insanity exists. Fortunately, you're an individual and can take a different path.

No topic has more group insanity than money.

The best way to control a person for their entire life is to keep them dependent on money. Teach them how to earn it in the most difficult and time-consuming way possible and they never have the time or energy to challenge authority.

Jobs are the most difficult and time-consuming way to earn money.

It's no accident that we're taught the only way to escape from jobs is to work and save for 40 years.

There are better ways. Faster ways. Much better and much faster.

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