How to Manifest

By Mike Johnson

Any worthy manifestation requires following the correct recipe.

I'm embarrassed to admit it took me decades to grasp this truth. Perhaps this recipe can save you years of frustration.

1. Desire launches the urge to create.

2. Thoughts are your building supplies.

3. Intention directs your progress.

4. Imagination designs a vision of the final product.

5. Focus commands the universe to reorder itself in your favor.

6. Inspired action assembles the components into the physical manifestation.

The more you hold your mind to this recipe, the faster the manifestation arrives.

If aware, your results eventually teach that 90% of the recipe is completed before you take action. Most people start with action, then frustrate themselves trying to build something with just 10% of the ingredients.

Whether you want a bonus, a barn or to become the boss, 90% of the recipe is fulfilled with internal ingredients, not external.


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