Let it Snow

By Mike Johnson

September 29. The snow is actually late this year. Still falling, it's idyllic when you can snuggle into a cozy shelter.

You don't need to construct an inspiration cottage to get the same effect. Just create and maintain your own inner bubble of peace-of-mind.

Not only is it "free," you can carry it with you throughout your day.

It'll be the hardest work you ever do. But the payoff is being able to create and luxuriate in any feelings you like, without the angst and effort of building something external to yourself.

Who is richer? The billionaire who can fly his jet to Aruba, or the mental mystic who can bask in the same feelings without lifting a finger?

Gaining full control of your mind is the greatest measure of freedom possible on this earth.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


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