How to Create Value

By Mike Johnson

Create value.

That's your ticket to any life you imagine.

In construction, this occurs when the value of the finished product exceeds the cost of the labor & materials. Assembling these materials, in this setting, created new equity out of thin air. Better, because we live here & get to enjoy the barn each day, the gain isn't just money.

If employed, you create value by giving your employer more than the expense of your salary. More productivity. More ideas that save expenses. More programs that increase sales.

This increases your chance of promotion, which boosts your salary far more than an annual raise. Promotions then make you more valuable to other companies if you choose to make the jump.

The new learning, successful experiences & higher self-confidence make you more valuable to yourself if you decide to launch or buy your own business.

Creating value then goes from a paycheck mentality to a project mentality.

Why work a daily schedule when a few projects a year can provide all your income?

From there, you develop a passive income mentality. Why invest time in multiple projects when you can just buy one business or income property that generates income forever?

Learning to create value is like printing money from thin air.

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