Think You Can't Be Fooled?

By Mike Johnson

Every moment of every day, you decide what is real to you by your attention.

When you focus on something, you momentarily erase everything else. When you fixate on one thing, you're blind to everything else.

Worse, you rarely control your focus.

Inner dialog, memories, other people, media, your five senses, noises and random internal and external stimuli hijack your attention continuously. So much so that you're not a sovereign being, you're a puppet on 10,000 strings.

Yet you fully believe you're aware and make your own choices.

You never stand a chance because your attention is finite in time and space while stimuli is infinite in time and space. You're only aware of a zillionth of what's happening.

This is nicely proven by professional pickpocket and mental manipulator Apollo Robbins.

His 8-minute TED Talk, complete with demonstrations, drives this point home.

Find it here: Apollo Robbins I also recommend web-searching his name to locate other amazing videos.


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