Arise Early

By Mike Johnson

The Internet says there are 8.1 billion people on earth. That's 8.1 billion different circuses going on in peoples' heads. Most are unaware & only see "what is" & respond to that. Life happens TO them.

A few see what can be & focus on manifesting that. THEY happen to life.

Another chunk are in transition, bouncing between both scenarios. When you're trapped in multiple responsibilities, it's nearly impossible to mentally evolve enough to move from reaction to creation.

Other relentless headwinds are physical exhaustion, human laziness and government & financial systems that steal your time and purchase power. These keep you away from time alone to think. Rare is the day there is time left over to plan your escape from the mental & physical circus.

This is why it's so important to arise an hour early & give that first hour to you alone.

Read, research, relax, meditate, take a walk, listen to music. Eat dessert first -- before the demands of the day get in your face.


Write an escape plan. Chase a desire. Contemplate your creator. Small steps, compounded over time, lead to amazing & uncommon destinations.

Let the rest of the world get your leftovers. Take care of you FIRST.

If you're not enough, you have nothing of value to share with others.


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