Take it Up a Notch

By Mike Johnson

Anything you focus intensely upon is a business opportunity.

The most common products, amplified by improvements, attention and marketing, become multi-million dollar enterprises.

$8 razors. $11 socks. $96 underwear.

Companies are selling these items at these premium prices today.

Just make that item the best it can possibly be and then sell that "best" status and quality.

There is nothing that already exists that can't be improved, amplified and taken to a higher level.

This same strategy can be used on services too.

Just identify upgrades, premium customer care and sizzle. Now position that service as the absolute best anywhere.

There are always markets for basic, average and premium.

To some people, quality, status and "best" are far more important than cost. There are enough of these people to turn a common product or service into some creative entrepreneur's gold mine.


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