Ambition Cuts Both Ways

By Mike Johnson

Ambition is an excellent slave but a tyrannical master.

Push, push, push. More, more, more.

It all depends on who's giving the orders.

Becoming a big deal "out there" is an empty husk compared to becoming a big deal "in here."

I can't warn you off because words don't teach, experience does.

But just in case, you might look around and see if this isn't true: Most people default to making external actions supreme in their world. They focus on actions in a quest to better their life to provide more comfort and joy. Few realize that comfort and joy are already inside, waiting for us to notice. The deeper we travel inside, the more comfort and joy we experience.

From this enchanted state, inspired ideas arrive. Now when we act, we're taking the path of least resistance. We get the biggest bang for the buck. Smaller, fewer actions lead to bigger payoffs.

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Enjoy the journey. Collect the experiences that arrive from being a whirling dervish. Put your impression on the world.

Just remember that no matter how hard you work and how far you chase, the external journey is going to bring you right back to the internal journey.

What you achieve outside is nothing compared to who is waiting for you inside.

Living without this awareness just makes everything more difficult.


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