Become Your Own Expert

By Mike Johnson

They think you're stupid. They see so many people who are, so they lump you into the mix.

Yet, the one thing they can't control is your curiosity. If you passionately want to know the truth, no one can stop you.

Greater truths are withheld from the masses on every topic, both large and small.

Finance. Health. Government. Military. Energy. History. Religion. Self.

Self-research any important topic and you quickly see new opportunities that are closed to others.

Self-research provides the best return on investment of any minute you ever spend.

Take money for example. The masses are taught to attend college four years, then hold a job 40 years. If you save and invest over those decades, they tell you that you can abundantly retire at age 65. Less than 5% ever achieve this claim.

A little self-research taught me I could gain financial and time freedom in as little as one year.

Without that knowledge, I'd have never been able to retire. I learned it late in life but still retired 13 years earlier than conventional wisdom.

This is the power of self-research.

Conventional wisdom is certainly conventional but it is not even close to wisdom.

Study those who have already achieved what you desire. By their fruits ye shall know them.

Then do your own research. Self-educate. Become your own expert.

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