Garbage In Garbage Out

By Mike Johnson

Your opinions are only as good as your information source.

Bad information in, bad opinions out.

Most people passively absorb the media that bombards them. This seems normal and reliable until you actively research any topic from other, non-mainstream sources. Now you see information that you never received.

Omission is the biggest lie.

If you don't do your own active research, you only know what you're told.

What of everything else that you're never told? Just because you're not aware of it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

If you receive your information passively, and loudly broadcast your "opinions," you look like a total idiot to those of us who actively, deeply research our own answers.

If you share your opinions in a low-key, civil way, you're still less informed, but at least you only look like a lovable, gullible knucklehead.

But in both cases, you become a useful idiot for the people who gain from an under-informed public. You are licking the boots of oppressors which enables them to abuse your neighbors who know better.

No one is an authority on everything. But some are much greater authorities on the major topics of the day than you.

Give them a little quiet and attention to prove it.

Do your own research and become your own expert!


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