Quit & Live in a Van

By Mike Johnson

Quit your job. Throw your cell phone in the river. Move to a new locale. Don't leave a forwarding address. Live in a van. Drop off the grid. Binge-read books while sipping umbrella drinks.

Now that you've left your external problems behind, start eliminating your internal ones.

Exercise, exercise, exercise control of your mind. Focus on what you want. Imagine it already achieved. Think and act as if.

Or, ignore the first paragraph and just strengthen your mind. Become so inwardly strong that nothing outside can wreck your peace of mind.

Most people will never do either.


So much wasted opportunity. So much unnecessary anger, fear and pain.

We're given the resources to soar in the heavens, yet we crawl in the dirt, swearing at the sky.

By choice.

Earthlings are funny.


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