#147 Who Fired That BB Gun?

By Mike Johnson

The bb hole in the glass told a story.

My daughter told another.

The two stories didn't match.

So I let her watch me walk toward the neighbor's house. I stopped behind the bushes, out of her sight, and stood there 5 minutes.

Then I returned, and asked the best bluff detective question ever.

"Are you going to tell me what really happened or do you want me to tell you what the neighbor saw happen?"

She cracked like an egg and started sobbing. "I did it... I was playing with the bb gun..."

Adults have perspective and experience that kids just can't conceive.

It's the same with people who immerse themselves in non-mainstream research. We easily see through fake news, lies and omissions. Even from the top "experts" and "authorities."

I could smell the BB hole story was a lie. I smell many other lies.

Learning the truth allows for better life decisions. Better decisions create a better life.

It's easy when you gain the perspective and experience.


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