Your Second Job is to Escape Your First Job

By Mike Johnson

If you’re an employee, you have built your entire life on sand. Jobs have zero income security.


Think not? “You’re Fired.”

You have no defense against those two words.

You can be the best employee in the world and still end up working for a dope. A cheapskate. A guy who sells the business. You can be fired for a hundred reasons that don’t have any relationship to your actual job performance.

This is exactly why everyone’s second job should be figuring out how to escape their first job. Your time and income are far too important to depend on some job.

Your “second job” could be arising an hour early and reading materials from people who have already achieved the financial and time freedom you desire.

Gain even more learning by speaking to these people.

The goal is to own your own income stream. Then you’re immune to being fired. You can’t outlive your money. You don’t have to beg for raises or time off. You don’t have to work for defectives. You don’t have to wear costumes. No daily commutes or having to work nights and weekends.

Your second job can be your own self-education on how to start or BUY your own business or income property.

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