Proof We Survive "Death"

By Mike Johnson

The authors collected 3,300 witness accounts of loved ones appearing after death. They posted the best couple hundred in this book.

For me, the most compelling stories were dead people returning to share information that the recipient did not know. Like where the deceased had hidden a pile of money. Then sure enough, the recipient looks and finds the cash.

The deceased live on in another realm, restored to the best, healthiest version of their spirit and body. They've gained a higher perspective. They still care for us. Some communicate with the living via telepathy, dreams, voice, touch, apparition, signs and/or solid, physical body.

Even hardened skeptics are convinced.

Grieving parents, husbands, wives, children, brothers, sisters and friends gain instant peace from the visits.

If the thought or experience of death still stings, I highly recommend this book.


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