Work Cultures Will Never Improve

By Mike Johnson

Despite all the books, training & smart consultants offering advice, work cultures will never improve.

Bad bosses will never become good.

Your workload will never shrink.

The world will never adapt to your desires.

Most workplace training falls on deaf ears.

For every current, bad employment situation that improves, five more bad employers are born. A hundred new defective coworkers enter the workforce. A thousand more cars enter the commute.

This wheel has been spinning for decades. All this training appears like we're doing something positive, but the overall results never really move the needle.

This puts it all back on you.

As an individual, you can learn to tolerate bad employment situations or you can leave them. That's all you got.

But it's all you need.

Everyone gets to make their choice. Tolerate and settle, or self-educate and grow. Invest energy making the misery more comfortable or use the same energy to escape the misery altogether.

Hopefully, you love your work and this doesn't apply to you. But if you're in the majority who dislike their work, you have two escapes: 1) Learn a new way to run your brain, 2) Learn a new way to generate income.

I suggest you work on both.


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