Many More Ways to Earn Income

By Mike Johnson

Here is today's million dollar idea.

Detail cars.

I just paid $160 to have my car immaculately cleaned inside & out. I was happy to pay it. So were many others. It took two weeks to get in.

The business is located in a small town of 10,000. The owner is as busy as he wants to be. He employs three others. He rents a triple garage in an industrial area to get out of the weather. He can do the work himself or delegate it to others. He makes money either way.

Like any business, there is insider knowledge to make the work easier & more effective.

He uses specialized cleaning agents & conditioners. Special tools for the tiniest crevices. A plan to cover every inch in the most efficient manner.

I can't imagine that knowledge being too difficult to research. The start up costs are low. You can start with a straight trade-your-time-for-money strategy. Then evolve into hiring employees to scale your business.

I was a normal citizen. I imagine he does a ton of work for car dealers.

He doesn't have to advertise. I learned about him through a recommendation from a friend.

If you're unhappy with your job, there are many other ways to earn income.

Here are two great resources:

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