Infinite Returns

By Mike Johnson

Seventeen years ago, I stumbled upon "infinite returns."

This is when you buy an income stream & don't have any of your own money in the deal. Your return on investment is then infinite.

I knew I wanted passive income -- income that flowed to me without being chained to a schedule or location. Rental properties seemed to have the best record of success in the real world. The more units, the better.

But I only had $1,000. Commercial loans from banks usually required 30% down.

So I studied people who bought rental properties with little or no money down. And learned about owner financing. And closing on the 5th of the month so at closing, sellers would have to turn over 25 days of rents, lowering my down payment more.

So in 2003, I bought a $450,000 trailer park with $1,000 down & walked away at closing with $6,000 in cash. The sellers & the bank basically PAID me $6,000 to take the park.

After paying two mortgages & all expenses, the park still generated over $3,000 profit per month. Over the years, that number grew multiple times higher. My returns were infinite since the instant I signed the purchase documents.

Better, I bought two other parks in similar fashion. Over time, none of my own money was left in those deals either. Infinite returns. For "free."

I've since sold the parks, fully retired and still enjoy monthly payments from the buyers.

Schools and media don't teach the magic of infinite returns. You have to step outside the conventional paradigm of college/jobs/savings and do your own research. Start by studying people who have already achieved what you desire.

Financial self-education not only leads to additional money. It leads to decades of additional TIME and FREEDOM.



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