Become the Boss's Rabbit

By Mike Johnson

Tired of working with turkeys? Become the boss's rabbit.

It's a simple advancement strategy. I know it works because I used it myself. It's the best way to gain income & set your own work agenda.

Just identify your boss's largest priorities and excel at those. Soon, the boss will be pointing at you and telling your coworkers to do things your way. You make the boss look good and he makes you the poster child for achievement.

Guess who gets the next promotion? Do this often enough and you're leading your own area and setting your own schedule and work priorities.

Another advancement idea is to pepper your superiors with new ideas.

Now they're dancing to your tune rather than you dancing to theirs. You get to set the agenda while you build your reputation. Just play offense rather than defense.

Like a good investment, each promotion makes you more valuable to your existing employer and even more so to your next employer.

Gain enough knowledge, experience & confidence and you find ways to escape employers altogether.


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