Hello! McFly? Anybody Home?

By Mike Johnson

Everything you know is wrong.

It's either 180-degree-opposite wrong or subtle shades of wrong.

Yet you go through the day believing what you know is "right."

You don't understand the most basic things.

Are you a body or a soul?

Where were you before birth?

Where do you go after death?

Just what exactly is this thing you call "I?"

You sacrifice the present, for worries of the past, & hopes for a future that rarely arrives. Focusing on yesterday or tomorrow, you seldom live now.

You're an unaware shell, projecting illusions, marching along with the masses.

Yet you look "normal."

You trade precious time for depreciating money. You do this for decades, calling it a "career." Then you teach your kids to do the same.

You allow bloated & corrupt governments to skim half your earnings for "taxes." Then you call yourselves "free" when it's obvious you're slaves.

Yet when the alarm goes off, you jump in the shower, coif your hair, don your best clothes & give your masters the best version of you.

To get through the day you play mind games. Anything to avoid being fully present.

Stay present too long & you glimpse the truth. This isn't the life you desire. This isn't the life you deserve.

Worse, this isn't the life you could be living.

The journey starts with awareness.


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