Talk Your Way In

By Mike Johnson

I've talked my way into some crazy experiences.

A mortuary's crypt room to investigate the Buffalo Bill burial mystery.

The elite area of a new baseball stadium.

My childhood home, then owned by someone else.

The truth is, you're only a few words & little passion away from anything you want badly enough.

27 words: "We run a trolley tour in Buffalo Bill's town of Cody, Wyoming. We're investigating his death & burial. Can we see the crypt room used in 1917?" These words got us in the closed wing of Denver's Olinger's Mortuary. We even got a guided tour from a mortician.

23 words: "My buddy & I have been coming to Twin's games for 50 years. This is our third Twin's stadium. Can we look in here?" These words got us in the VIP area that's off limits to "normal" people.

16 words: "I used to live here. Would you allow me to show my wife the inside of my boyhood home?" Yes. Yes she did.

If you want it bad enough, you're fully congruent with your request. People pick up on this & usually go out of their way to fulfill the request.

With good fortune, grace & a bit of audacity, you might even be inspired to say two life-changing words.

"I'm impressed."

45 years ago, those two words got me in the door with a stunning brunette. I woke up next to Margie this morning.

You gotta say the words.


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