Humans Are Cute

By Mike Johnson

Humans are cute.

You get strung out about the silliest things. You seem to enjoy making life difficult on purpose. Most of you cannot enjoy something until you abuse yourself long enough to "deserve" it. You launch yourself on an epic income journey that circles back right to where you could be at this very moment -- joyful, peace of mind.

The peace and joy doesn't come from "winning" the income game. The peace and joy arrives when you realize you already had peace and joy before you started the game.

So put on the monkey suit. Merge into the line of ants marching to work. Do the stupid and glorious tasks required. But don't dull your spirit. Inhabit your own peace and joy bubble right now.


If you can't do that at work, write an escape plan inside the bubble at home.

You have nothing to prove. You already "won" by being here. It's your game and it's your rules.

It's just easy to forget that little factoid.

But it sure is cute.


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