Do You Qualify For the 21 Club?

By Mike Johnson

Qualify for the 21 Club?

1. Get up by 5am.

2. Give the first hour of every day to you & your dreams.

3. Read books, not screens.

4. Speak to people who have already achieved what you desire.

5. Question authority. Every frigging time.

6. Figure out why conventional wisdom is insane.

7. Become your own expert.

8. Respect results, not words.

9. Donít speak if you canít improve upon the silence.

10. Limit your airtime to your percentage in the group. 1 of 4? Speak 25% or less.

11. Ditch the suit & tie. This is the attire of conformity, not comfort.

12. Screw credentials. Just do it.

13. Doubt science, politicians, media, experts, doctors, leaders & the status quo. Behind it all is people. People are fallible. People are corruptible.

14. Pay attention to the 10%. 90% of humanity are drifters. They only parrot what they were told. Smile, nod & ignore their advice.

15. Be audacious enough to realize you are often the smartest person in the room because youíre self-educated & AWARE.

16. Never let a mouse make you doubt youíre a giant.

17. Donít cast your pearls before swine. If they donít get you, NEXT!

18. Sleep at least 8 hours every night.

19. Give your sleep-self homework. Tell it what to do in the background while you doze.

20. Appreciate everything, good or bad.

21. Share valuable content.


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