Watch the Antler Drop

By Mike Johnson

It only took 11 years.

It finally happened.

I witnessed a deer drop an antler.

A herd lives on our property all winter. The outliers start dropping in January but most make it until March.

It's very snowy this year so I hadn't found any antlers yet. Deer start showing up with one antler, letting me know there is a prize out there somewhere.

You'd think that by feeding them, they'd leave us a tip by dropping in our yard.

Not really.

Maybe 20% of the antlers land on our property. The rest are somewhere in their couple-square-mile range.

This deer had one antler left so I knew he was due. Plus he was shaking his head like they do when the antler gets itchy just before it drops.

So I kept an eye on him.

Sure enough, he jumped off a retaining wall, shook his head & the antler dropped off.

Right in my driveway, thank you very much.

Statistically, when you consider they can prance around with one antler for days, wandering throughout a large range, it's nearly impossible to be there to see the thing fall off.

These are the kind of observations you have time to make when you're free of a work schedule.

Decades ago, when I was unhappily employed in Florida, I dreamed of seeing a single deer. Now I regularly stand in the midst of 30 of them. Right in my yard.

Such is the power of dreams.

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