Your Money Mindset Determines the Difficulty of Your Life

By Mike Johnson

When I was young & wanted more money, I worked hard so Id earn a 25-cent hourly raise.

Then I learned that earning a promotion gained a much bigger raise.

Then I learned getting a bigger job in a different industry gained a larger salary.

Then I learned going out on my own as a freelancer earned more freedom and a larger income.

Then I learned that starting my own seasonal business gained more money & six months of free time.

Then I learned that creating systems in a must-be-there business & selling it, generated cash to buy passive income streams.

Then I learned that buying passive income streams earned more money & 12 months of 95% free time.

Passive income now funds my entire life. Today, when I want more money to buy a new toy or better house, I just buy a new passive income stream to pay for it first.

Over time, I learned how to stop working for money.

Today, money works for me.

That mindset has freed me from work schedules forever.

Its an evolution. A journey. But I stumbled upon it by trial & error. Had I made the trip with intention & purpose, Id have arrived decades sooner.

You don't need credentials. You need self-education & action.

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