Postcard From the Volcano

By Mike Johnson

Monday morning in the inspiration cottage. Looking directly at Yellowstone National Park, 30 miles away.

On a cloudless day we clearly see the foggy range that forms the eastern border. If Yellowstone ever blows, we won't have time to send a postcard.

There are perils everywhere.

We're told the earth is spinning 1,000 miles an hour, while it circles the sun at 66,000 miles per hour, as our entire galaxy blasts through uncharted space at one million miles per hour.

It's amazing we aren't all blown off this rock.

We're blindly, precariously clinging to life right now. So I'll take my chances with the super volcano.

At home. In jeans. On a Monday morning. Grateful I figured out how to escape employment 30 years ago & gain passive income a decade ago.

Every day is Saturday here on the mountain.

But when I look at the world's calendar, I'd say their Monday is now my favorite day because it used to be my least favorite.

I wish I could've imagined this moment when I was stuck on the hamster wheel. Had I known it was coming, it might have reduced the pain of all that stress & struggle. And I might have pushed to achieve it decades sooner.

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