If Your Life Depended on It, Would You LIVE It?

By Mike Johnson

If your life depended on it, could you earn $1 today? $10? $100? $1,000?

Financial wealth is just a matter of scale. Add a zero. Add another day. Add a zero. Add another day.

Create value and then trade that value for money.

Employees do this. Sole proprietors do this. Entrepreneurs do this. They do it every day.

Or, for a more passive lifestyle, take the path less traveled.

Identify a business or income property that already trades value for money on a large scale and learn how to BUY it. Just step into an existing income stream that has a manager. Now just manage your manager. 90% passive, perpetual income.

Do this once or twice and you escape the daily grind forever. It's a project mentality vs a paycheck mentality.

Ironically, you work far less than the daily folks, yet gain financial and time abundance that they can only dream about.

How you use that base of freedom then determines if you gain the other forms of wealth like health, peace of mind and loving relationships.

If your life depended on achieving your dreams, would you do it?


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