The Great Escape

By Mike Johnson

Turn off the alarm. Glam yourself up for strangers while you leave your loved ones behind. Commute the chaotic sugar trail with the rest of the ants. Take orders from imbeciles and egotists.

Trade your precious days helping others achieve their dreams at the expense of your own. Celebrate Fridays. Spend Saturday & Sunday catching up with real life. Mourn the arrival of Mondays.

Rinse and repeat.

For what? Survival?

Nothing changes until you do. Somehow, someway, you have to carve out time to devise an escape plan. Otherwise another 24 hours passes with no progress toward what you REALLY want.

Instead, eat dessert first. Arise an hour early and give that first 60 minutes to YOU. Research. Read. Relax. Meditate. Practice. Plan your escape.

Now you make progress EVERY day, no matter what the world tosses at you later.

There is no better investment on earth than an hour alone, with your own mind, focused on your own dreams.


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